Friday, 6 September 2013

This month's outing - Skating/Skooting at Moe!

Turns out that 'Bounce' is SOOOOOO popular that you have to book a couple of months ahead.  So I've paid a deposit for us to go there for our October outing.  More about that soon!

But that meant we needed a new plan for our end-of-term September outing!  So... This month's event will be skating/skooting in Moe, NEXT SUNDAY 15th September.  Not everyone loves skating (don't understand that myself, but each to his or her own!) - but that's OK because apparently there's also a skooting rink, with ramps and stuff - and you can hire a skooter $4 or ripstik $5 to use there.  Do I confess?  I'd never heard of a ripstik...

Teen jumping with a ripstik against white background
I borrowed this pic. of someone riding a ripstik from a website - click to visit

What do you need to know? 

Drop off @ Church 1.00pm, Pick up @ Church 4.30pm, Sunday 15th September. 
What to bring: $15 to be on the safe side.  Covers entry, equipment hire, and snack.  But there should be a little bit of change!  
What to wear: Comfortable stretchy clothes that you don't mind being upside down in!
Can you bring friends?  Of course!  Just let me know who's coming, and they'll need permission forms filled in by their parents.
RSVP:  I need to know how many people are coming, so I can make sure we've got enough drivers and adult supervisors.  So please let me know whether you are COMING or NOT COMING, by MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY 13th PLEASE!

ALSO:  Alison can't make it this time, so I'm looking for a driver, preferably with a Working With Children Check.  Suggestions?

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Katie said...

Skating was AWESOME!! I'd forgotten how much I love it! Definitely need to spend more time on 8 wheels! We had a great bunch there - all our regulars, plus a visitor (she's a 'repeat offender' - so good to see you again!) and we had the best bunch of 'olds' come as drivers, supervisors, and basically good company - thanks guys!