Friday, 27 September 2013

Have You Seen This One?

youth in jeans with fingers crossed behind his back
© Pavel Siamionau

I was browsing a great youth ministry website today, and I found this:

It's well written, and I can tell you, they aren't making it up!

S0me of the comments after is are pretty funny too - some people didn't realise that the article is tongue-in-cheek - they aren't telling us what they think we SHOULD do, they're telling us what, very sadly, lots of people DO do. 

Question for you:  what do YOU reckon are the main reasons people don't come to church?  I don't mean people who don't believe in Jesus, and don't already belong to a church;  I mean people who do believe in Jesus, and want to follow him, and belong to a church.  What do you reckon are the main reasons that people just don't show up?

Post your answers here - the first TWO people who post a comment on this blog will get a movie ticket!!  (for Warragul cinema, of course!)

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Warragul Anglican Church said...

Great answers, Josh and Ella! You guys have scored yourselves a movie ticket each! But don't use it on Sunday morning, OK :D