Friday, 6 September 2013

Download and Print Consent forms for Youth Outings!

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This one is for parents and other responsible adults!

We're all snowed under by paperwork, so I'm trying to streamline things a bit:

You can now download the Contact Info & Medical Advice Form by clicking the link at the right of this post.  I only need you to fill that out once per youth per year, unless details change during the year; I'll keep it in a file so that I know if there are any allergy issues etc for your youth/s, and have your contact info available in case of emergency during any outing.

Then there's a separate Consent form for each outing, in two parts:

The top half is for you to tear off and keep, it tells you what the outing is, and provides times, addresses, RSVP info, and how you can get in touch with the leaders during the event.

The bottom half is for me, it's where you consent to your youth/s attending the specific outing.  I need that back from you, signed, for each youth, before we head off for the outing. It will be filed for posterity at WAC - in case there should be an audit or question in the future.

The forms for our next outing are ready for you to download, print off, and fill in - all ready for 15th September!

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