Friday, 23 August 2013

BBQ and Bonfire Night! Last Sunday's Outing

campfire with billy sausages and bread toasting in a wire cage
Well, that's what it was going to be - but God has a sense of humour!  When we were going to have a tobogganing trip, the sun came out and there was no snow.  When we were going to have a beach day, it poured.  This time, when we were going to have a BBQ and Bonfire night (doesn't that sound like a good choice for a chilly winter outing?!) we had wild wind, rain and thunder!

But the Youth Bible Group's motto is NEVER GIVE UP!!

Burning marshmellow against black backgroundSO... we had our BBQ and Bonfire at Katie's place - she doesn't have a BBQ, so we grilled the snags on the stove - and then rolled them in bread and tomato sauce in the traditional way;  and she doesn't have a bonfire, so we toasted marshmellows on the stove top - but hey, they went all crispy and black on the outside, and gooey and melty on the inside, just the way they do over a bonfire!  Someone ate so many he was feeling a little ill... or maybe that's because he prefers his marshmellows more charcoal than lolly...

AND we got to watch a rather peculiar animated movie - 'The Tale of Despereaux', which was definitely a warmer option than tramping through mud and long grass in a storm.

Next outing is scheduled for 15th September, and we're hoping to go to 'Bounce' in the city... what could possibly go wrong for that one??!
Banner with people flying through the air under an industrial roof

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