Monday, 5 August 2013

Term 3 in Full Swing - or Swim?

Today we started a new series - it's called 'Bible Overview', which is really random, because what it really is is an overview of the Bible.  Who knew?
Black line cartoon of Jonah inside angry looking fish
Anyway, the plan is that in 15 sessions, we get a bird's-eye-view of the big story of God and human beings, through all of history, from when it all began up to now.  The coolest thing is that when we've got that big picture clear, it gets much easier to 'get' where different bits of the Bible fit in.
SO... we started by jotting down a whole lot of events from the Bible, 5 or so from each person, and put them in order.  We were pretty good at some parts of the Bible, but there were some shaky bits too!  Like, when exactly did Amos prophecy that Israel was in deep do-do?  Was it before or after Darius the Mede threw Shad. Mech. and Abed. into the fiery furnace??
Official cover picture of 'The Bible Overview' And did Naomi sort out Ruth's love-life before or after Jonah went deep-sea diving in the first (fully organic) submarine???
The BIG question is, will we be able to answer those questions after we've done this series????
Anyway, if you want to get the jump on the course, click on the pic. at left - there's a website that takes you through it...
Or you can just turn up next week, for part two!

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