Friday, 9 August 2013

The Challenge...

Giant hand rescuing limp man from waterOK, so I told the Youth Bible Group that their homework was to have a look at this blog... and that they would see something to their advantage...!  What could it be, what could it be?  ...  Here it is - this is a test of your ability to draw as well as whether you did your homework or not!

If you see this, sketch the pic. you see here, just a stick figure will do, as long as I can tell it's the same one - and show it to me after church on Sunday (you'll need  to be quick, I'm off to Ellinbank at 10.55!), or if (*gasp!* surely not!) you don't crawl out of bed in time for church, send it to me as an mms .... there's a chocolate frog in it!

This pic. tells us something about the big story of the Bible - it's not about a God who sits around hoping we'll like him.  It's about our God who comes looking for us, and does whatever it takes to rescue us.  Cool, eh?!

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