Friday, 29 August 2014

Youth News for 31st August!

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THIS WEEK: Last week we had delicious dinner at the Charles’ - thank you!  So, THIS week we’re REALLY going to study Gentleness…. - at Katie’s place, XXXXX XXXXX (you know where it is - or you can check the church Phone File)!  Drop off 5pm, pick up 6.30pm.

NEXT WEEK: And the very last fruit…: Self Control!  I can’t wait!  How can I last the distance!  I’m gonna burst!!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  Did you know: Just days before the World Cup of 1966 in England, the trophy was stolen and then later retrieved by a dog. Blueberry juice boosts memory. Laughter is a proven way to lose weigh. Says so on the internet - so it must be true!

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