Friday, 28 February 2014

The Youth Team This Year!

Introducing our terrific team for 2014:

Katie Peken continues to head up the team... that would be me!  I am full-time in ministry at Warragul Anglican Church, and oversee our kids, youth, and young adult ministry.

Alison Buttle is back for more punishment, she's fantastic at coming up with great games, and gets us digging deep into the Bible!  Alison teaches at Chairo Christian School.

Tristan Wallace is back as fabulous acquirer of food and creator of games - he's also been practising for our next trip to Moe for roller-blading, he's going to leave us all standing in his dust!  Tristan  hopes to get into Christian youth camping in the near future.

Michael Gaylard joined us for a couple of sessions at the end of 2013, and (unsurprisingly - we're that terrific!) he's caved in to our pleading, and joined the team for 2014 - yay!  Michael teaches at Chairo Christian School.

Paul Peterson loves spending time investing in teens, he teamed up with us last year as driver/photographer/chip-in-wherever-help-is-needed-guy, and we're delighted that he's able to do the same this year - thanks Paul!  Paul volunteers at Warragul North Primary School helping kids one-on-one with their reading skills.

All our leaders have Department of Justice clearance to work with kids and youth, and buckets of experience too - which makes us greatly blessed to have them!

(Guys, we need some pictures here...!)

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