Friday, 22 November 2013

Opportunity Knocks!

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Hi everyone!

THIS SUNDAY: Meet as usual 5pm @ WAC. We're on the home straight, finishing our gallop through an overview of the Bible - this week we look at Jesus' Resurrection - so what?  And Jesus' Gift to us - The Holy Spirit. And just because, we're going on a 'Treasure Hunt' - bring a camera or iPhone, we're 'collecting' treasure around Warragul town.  Permission slips are needed cos we're (walking) off-site: on the blog go to the right column and click on 'Treasure Hunt Permission' for a printable form.

NEXT WEEK:  We meet @ WAC for the grand finale!  The Return of Jesus, and the New Creation! New Creation... that's what we are when we're baptised into Jesus.   Hot summer evening... makes you think about water, doesn't it?!  Come in clothes you don't mind getting wet, bring a towel, and we'll have some watery outdoor fun (weather permitting)!

OPPORTUNITY:  Youth Bible Group has been invited to lead prayers for the Combined Carols, 8th December at 7pm!  We'll meet at the usual time, and plan our prayers over a bite to eat.  If you can't stay for the service, that's OK, we'd still love your input for the prayers. But we hope you can stay!

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