Thursday, 2 June 2011

Stories of Faith from our Parish: Josh Hasan

Josh Hasan with YFC Aspire Conference participants from Samoa and Fiji
At Easter I went to Samoa for the Youth for Christ (YFC) Asia Pacific Aspire Conference. I went to find out how other nations operate in YFC Ministries. For example, Samoa conducts rallies where there may be a concert or presentation of singing, a guest speaker and finally, an opportunity for people to give their life to Jesus. I asked one of the staff if there are many who give their life to God. I was told they do through their Bible studies on Tuesday nights. They have a beautiful worship team. These young leaders know how to praise God in singing. It was fantastic to witness them singing in their Samoan language.

Fiji ministry is amazing also. There are lots of housing projects for the young people who are homeless. There is one particular ministry that I am really keen on in Fiji and that is prostitution evangelism. One of the female staff goes looking for some girls who give themselves for money in their community. The main aim for this is to develop relationships
and assists the young women to an alternative lifestyle and other options for work. It was such a great experience to see the two nations from very different cultures working towards
the Kingdom of God.

Very big news at the moment is one of our youth in the YEA program is attending youth group at the Church of Christ every Friday nights. It is a blessing to see this person grow and hopefully he will see that God does love him. I was mentoring this young person last year and having him in our programs it has been great. We offer guidance. Two months ago I was with this young person on a boat training day with Melbourne YFC and I said to one of their staff, ‘I don’t think I am making a difference in this young person’s life’, and he replied ‘God loves this young person and he has entrusted you to be a good example to him. That means Josh, God has trusted you to walk beside this person’. I got teary because he was right and I just needed some encouragement. 

Sometimes I get questioned from friends if what we do at YFC is it really worth it. I respond yes it is. God loves all people.

Josh Hasan

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